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This Is Why Laser Treatment for Fistula Is So Famous!

Why is Fistula Laser Treatment so famous?

Treatments for diseases must target not only in curing the same but also to provide quick healing and avoid recurrence of the same. Laser treatment achieves this in a precise and painless manner. Particularly for Fistula, Laser treatment is considered as the best since it not only eradicates sepsis but also promotes quick recovery from the surgery. In the process, Laser treatment offers a couple of more benefits to patients who undergo a surgery for Fistula. Let us have a look at the reasons that substantiate why Laser treatment for Fistula is very famous. fistula laser treatment motewar hospital nanded

Bleeding, pain and more

Conventional surgeries for Fistula involve cutting the Fistula Tract completely with an aim to make the patient get rid of the same in a permanent manner. However, on the contrary, the post-surgery period is filled with excruciating pain for the patient who underwent the surgery. The recovery period becomes a nightmarish experience. Laser surgeries disallow patients to experience pain both during the surgery as well as post-surgery period. This fact attracts patients making Laser surgery a famous one among the others.


Ten Common Misconceptions about Piles Laser Treatment

Common Misconceptions Piles Laser Treatment

Myths and misconceptions are common phenomena when it comes to diseases and health conditions. Many misconceptions pertaining to Piles, which are swollen veins found around the anus or rectum region prevail among laymen. Most of these misconceptions are more of fiction than fact. It becomes important to understand the real facts which will help break the misunderstandings about Pile Hemorrhoids. Let us have a detailed look at 10 such common misconceptions tpiles laser treatment motewar hospital nandedhat prevail among laymen for a long time now.

Myth 1 – I am one among the very few who has Piles

Fact – Every human being in this world has or experience hemorrhoids at least once in their lifetime.


Myth 2 – I will not get Piles since I am young. Only aged people are prone to get affected by Piles Hemorrhoids

Fact – People of all ages can get affected by Pile hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are more common in aged people due to the weakened body parts, particularly in the anus or Rectum region. Young people can get affected by Piles for various other reasons and not age. Some such reasons are increased pressure in the Anus regions caused by prolonged diarrhea or constipation. The condition of Pregnancy also causes Piles in women.