Cancer Surgery

Cancer is one of the dreaded diseases among the many others prevalent in the human body. Though the treatment for Cancer depends on the degree or intensity of the same, surgery remains ones of the effective methods to get rid of the same. Motewar hospital is considered as one of the best places for Cancer treatment in Nanded. This is mainly due to the fact that best cancer surgeon in Nanded, Dr. Motewar offers low cost cancer treatment in Motewar Hospital. Dr. Motewar performs all types of Cancer surgeries including Breast Cancer and excluding Oral Cancer to patients. Cancer surgery in Nanded is considered as a boon to patients suffering from the deadly disease. To avail best cancer treatment in Nanded, get in touch with Motbest cancer treatmentewar Hospital in Nanded.

Goals of a Cancer surgery

We perform Cancer surgery on the patient suffering from the physical condition to achieve many goals like the following.

  • To ascertain the possibilities of prevention of Cancer
  • Diagnosing if the patient is invaded with cancer cells
  • To ascertain the stage of Cancer prevalent in the patient
  • To treat the symptoms of cancer so that patients can be relieved from the same
  • To decide on the type of treatment to be offered like hormone therapy, radiation, biological therapy and chemotherapy

Surgery for Cancer is usually accompanied by one or more of the treatment options mentioned above. This decision will be taken jointly by the patient and by our expert based on the stage.

Conventional Surgery for Cancer

We provide conventional Surgeries for Cancer meant cutting into the body part in which cancer has invaded. Through such incisions, either a portion or the bulk of the cancer cells are removed from the part. These are medically termed as Biopsies. The main difference in Biopsies lies in the functionality of the same.

  • Excisional Biopsy – Is when the complete portion of the affected area is removed which may be just a lump or a mole that looks abnormal
  • Incisional Biopsy – Is when a small portion of the suspicious part of the body is removed for further medical examination to ascertain if it is cancerous

The role of Palliative Surgery in treating cancer

We provide Palliative Surgery which plays a crucial role in relieving the patients from the symptoms caused by cancerous tumors. It helps in restoring and improving the overall physical functioning of the patients despite the many complications caused by Cancer. Some complications that may be caused by tumors are

  • Intestine or Bowel blockages
  • High pressure on the spinal cord or nerves

Palliative Surgery also helps in controlling excessive bleeding caused by certain types of cancers like Uterus Cancer.

Common surgeries for specific types of Cancer

Certain types of cancer get treated with specific types of surgeries. Some such surgeries are Laparoscopic Surgery, Cryo Surgery and Endoscopy, Laser Surgery and Mohs Micrographic Surgery which is also termed as Microscopically Controlled Surgery.