Delivery and Obstetrics

Pregnancy is a stage that every married woman aspires for. While pregnancy is an enjoyable period for many the same can be a nightmarish experience for some others. The same applies to delivery of the child too. Obstetrics is the field of medicine that is involved in facilitating the safe delivery of children. Delivery of a child can be a natural vaginal birth or through cesarean surgery. Motewar Hospital is the best pregnancy care hospital in Nanded. Let us have a detailed look at the aspects of delivery and obstetrics to have a clearer understanding about the same.

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Facts for Women in labor

  • Women in labor must understand the medical process followed by Doctors and nurses.
  • You will be admitted in the birthing suite and monitored for labor developments periodically
  • When your Obstetrician feels it is the perfect time for delivery, you are taken into the delivery room and made ready for the same
  • You get guided in every stage of the labor pain by the nurses and Doctors
  • Once the delivery is over, you are transferred to the recovery ward

Managing the labor pain

  • Labour pain may vary between one woman and another.
  • Medical professionals help every bit to manage labor pain of all intensities
  • Talk to your Doctor and understand about pain management techniques they advocate for your case in specific
  • If you Doctor feels fine with administering you with anesthesia and your pain is unbearable, get administered on the same as per the recommendation of the Doctor.

Cesarean Sections

  • Birth through cesarean sections requires anesthesia to be administered to the mother.
  • The amount of Anesthesia administered depends on the health of the mother that would be assessed by the Anesthesiologist
  • Post delivery monitoring will continue till the effect of anesthesia wears off in the mother
  • Babies requiring extra care will be kept on observation in the Neonatal Intensive care Unit till his health reaches normalcy levels

Areas that require basic planning during delivery

There are many areas that need to be taken care by the caretakers of the woman due to giving birth to a child. Some such arrangements that need to be done in a proactive manner are enlisted below for the benefit of the concerned.

  • Ensure you have the proper support system in terms of manpower
  • Complete all pre-registration formalities with the Maternity center you go in for
  • Ensure proper person is appointed for taking care of the child post delivery
  • Plan well for transportation post admission, pre delivery and post delivery