Lower rectum in the anatomy is one of the subtle parts of the human body. It is also referred to as anal canal. The lining of anal canal tends to get torn for various reasons causing immense pain to the people, particularly during bowel movements. Best low cost fissure treatment in Nanded is available for patients suffering from Fissures at Motewar Hospital. Pertinent details about Fissures are given in the below paragraphs for the better understanding about the same. best low cost fissure treatment

Types of Fissures

Anal Fissures are not as dangerous as other medical conditions caused to the anal canal. They get healed with time.

  • Anal fissures that get healed with a couple of weeks are termed as short term or acute anal fissures.
  • Fissures that take the time to heal more than the above mentioned time frame are termed as Chronic Fissures.

Major factors causing Anal Fissures

When the Anal canal experiences injury or any sort of trauma, Fissures are caused in the same. Other factors that cause Fissures are as follows:

  • Constipation demanding increased effort to push out the stool
  • Pushing out large sized stool in normal situations
  • Childbirth where the mother is forced to exert pressure on the anal canal
  • Continous Diarrhea-causing pain the anus region
  • Medical examination was done in the Anus region like in Rectum
  • Having sexual intercourse through Anus
  • Foreign object inserted in the anus
  • As a side effect of Crohn’s disease
  • Any tension caused to the muscular ring pairs in the anus region
  • Reduced blood flow to the rectum or anal region

Symptoms of Fissure

Fissure show out its prevalence through many symptoms. Anyone having one or more of the following symptoms must seek medical attention immediately.

  • Small drops of blood visible after bowel movements
  • Stinging sensation in the anal region particularly during bowel movements
  • Burning sensation along with pain during toilet habits
  • Severe pain that will last many hours after bowel movements

Diagnosing Anal Fissure

Anal Fissure can be diagnosed through many ways available for the purpose. Some such diagnosis methods are given below for the benefit of all concerned.

  • Checking for the severity of the Fissure with a medical exam in the butt
  • Rectal Exam by Medical professional by inserting a finger into the anal canal
  • Medical Examination inside the Anal canal using the medical instrument for the purpose named Anoscope

The above processes of diagnosis of Fissure will help the Medical Professionals to ascertain if any other health condition has caused Fissure.

Treatment choices for Fissure

Fissure is generally treated by simple methods. Some such simple methods are:

  • Use of Laxatives or Stool softeners to ease out bowel movements
  • Increased intake of Fiber-rich foods items
  • Setting fixed time for Bowel Movements

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