What is Fistula types, symptoms and diagnosis?

Any type of abnormal connection between any of the two parts of the human body is termed as Fistula. The connection can be a blood vessel and an organ or key structures and veins. Best Fistula Laser Treatment in Motewar Hospital Nanded is available for people suffering from the same. Let us look at the medical condition called Fistula in a more detailed manner.

Abnormal connection between body parts

As explained in the earlier paragraph, Fistula is the abnormal relationships estabest fistula laser treatment nandedblished between any of the two body parts. Some such connections are given below for benefit of patients and their better understanding.

  • The Vagina and the Bowel
  • The Gut and Navel
  • The Vein and Artery in any organ of the body
  • The Peritoneal cavity and the Uterus
  • The surface of the skin and Bile Ducts
  • The throat and the neck
  • Nasal holes and the space in the skull
  • The surface of the skin and the stomach
  • Between one intestine and the other

Factors causing Fistula

A fistula is a medical condition that is caused many times post surgery or due to major injuries caused to the human body. Certain types of infections and inflammations also cause Fistula in people. Other diseases that cause Fistula are listed below for better understanding about the disease.

  • Tuberculosis
  • Abscess in the Anal region
  • Trauma experienced by people
  • Crohn’s disease Diverticulitis
  • Sexually transmitted diseases

Different kinds of Fistula

People get affected by many kinds of Fistula some among the same are enlisted below.

  • Incomplete Fistula – In this type of Fistula the tube that connects to the skin remains closed from the inside but do connect any structures that are inside.
  • Complete Fistula – This type of Fistula has openings both internally and externally in the body
  • Horseshoe Fistula – Connect the Anus at one end to the surface of the skin at the other end of the Rectum lying in between the both
  • Blind Fistula – This type of Fistula is generally open only at one end while still connecting two body parts in an abnormal manner

Symptoms of Fistula

Fistula shows out through many symptoms like the following. Seek immediate medical attention if one or more symptoms listed below persist for long periods of time.

  • Feeling weak and tired most of the times
  • Chills caused by fevers
  • Continuous draining or white discharge from Anus causing skin irritation in the anus region
  • Foul smelling pus draining from anus
  • Pain felt during bowel movements
  • Anus remain swollen with pain around the same
  • Anal abscesses that are caused in a frequent manner
  • Occasional bleeding

Fistula Diagnosis

A fistula is generally diagnosed by Medical professionals through medical examinations like Blood tests, Colonoscopy, X-ray, MRI and Ultrasound. Dr. Motewar offers best Fistula treatment in Nanded through Laser surgery and other conventional surgery types providing relief to patients suffering from different types of Fistula.