Piles: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

Piles are hemorrhoids caused in the anal canal of humans due to the congestion of the venous plexuses both internally and externally. Best piles laser treatment Motewar Hospital Nanded is available for patients suffering from the medical condition. Let us have a detailed look at piles for a clearer understanding and the treatment options available for the same. Best piles laser treatment Nanded

Types of Piles

Piles hemorrhoids are of four types based on the degree of severity of the same and each degree of hemorrhoids has their own set of features. The four types of Piles are given below in a detailed manner for better understanding of the same

  • 1st Degree Piles – This type of piles form in the internal parts of the anal canal. These get formed in the inner lining of the anal canal and are small sized swellings. These piles cannot be felt externally.
  • 2nd Degree Piles – These 2nd degree hemorrhoids are larger in size than the 1st degree ones. These hemorrhoids hang out of the anus region during toilet sessions but automatically get pulled in after that same.
  • 3rd Degree Piles – This stage piles hang out from the Anus region and can be easily felt particularly during toilet sessions. They are bigger in size than the 2nd degree piles and needs to be pushed inside the Anus manually.
  • 4th Degree Piles – These are the advanced levels hemorrhoids which keep hanging out of the anus region. They do not get inside the anus automatically and cannot be pushed in manually too. Hemorrhoids of this stage can be gotten rid of only through surgeries

Factors that cause Piles hemorrhoids

Many factors act as the basic causation for hemorrhoids to be formed in the anus region. Some such factors that cause Piles are given below.

  • Pregnancy when such health conditions usually occur
  • Lifting heavy materials particularly after surgery
  • Constipation during which large sized stools are pushed out with great effort
  • Aging when motion habits become tough due to health reasons

Symptoms that show out the prevalence of Hemorrhoids

Many external bodily symptoms show out the presence of Piles in people. Some such symptoms are

  • Bleeding particularly during toilet habits
  • Mucous discharge when the size of the Piles is huge
  • Irritation in the skin around anus
  • Anus feeling full at all points of time
  • Itching in the anus region
  • Pain in the anus when blood supply is cut off to the hanging piles

Treatment options for Piles

Make use of the best piles laser treatment offered by Dr. Motewar in Motewar Hospital Nanded in a cost effective manner. Dr. Motewar offers excellent treatment for Piles through traditional as well as modern surgeries. Some surgery options provided by Dr. Motewar are listed below for the benefit of the patients.

  • Milligan-Morgan Technique
  • Ferguson Technique
  • Stapled Hemorrhoidopexy (This method is also termed as PPH procedure where PPH stands for Procedure for Prolapse and Hemorrhoids, Stapled Hemorrhoidopexy, Circumferential Mucosectomy and Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy).
  • Harmonic Scalpel Technology
  • Electro Surgery
  • Laser Surgeries

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